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Guestbook for Chealse Lockhart

Friends & Relatives
Name: David & Rose Scroggs
Message: We will miss you but we know you are with God.
Name: Janice
Message: Britney there are no words. I am sorry. I love you and Chealse so much. I can not be there for you but in my heart and tears . She is so beautiful.
Name: Josh Parham
Message: Praying for the family during this devastating time!
Name: Christy Breedlove
Message: Rest in peace, Sweet Girl. You taught me as much as I taught you. You made me laugh every day.
Name: Skeeter halford
Message: Praying for her family to find some kind of peace
Name: Sue Morgan
Message: We love each an everyone of you an you are in our hearts an prayers.
Name: Sam ^ Marsha Astin
Message: WE are so sorry for your lost
Name: Cindy Crawley
Message: Chelsea was one of my students in fourth grade at Walker Parkâ?¦ That precious little face of hers and sweet smile tugged at my heart then, and memories of her at that age will remain in my thoughts for all time. My deepest prayers for all of her family, her friends, and all whose lives have been touched by her shining light.
Name: Ramona Ellison
Message: To The Parents of Chealse,You have my deepest condolences on the loss of your child.The Bible speaks of children as a gift from God . Psalms 127:3 says, Children are an inheritance from Jehovah and the fruit of the womb is a reward. Please allow the scriptures to give you hope. Almighty God promises we will never experience death again in the promised new earth.(Revelation 21:4). Remember he feels your pain and will help you during this difficult time.
Name: Katrina Malcom
Message: Rest In Heaven
Name: Family of Ashley Allen
Message: We are so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. Words simply cannot describe the aching void that the loss of the lives of these two young girls has left. May Godâ??s peace and presence surround you all. Our thoughts and prayers remain with you and your family.
Daryl & Davina Henson & family
Name: Judy Coffey
Message: Britni,
I am so so sorry to hear about Chealse. My heart hurts so much for you and Kinsley. I can only imagine that this does not seem
real to yall. You have done such an amazing job of raising those girls and I have always admired you for that. Yall will remain in my
prayers and I hope some day there will be some peace within your hearts. We don't understand why such a terrible tragedy had to happen,
but know that God is there for yall and he will give you comfort and strength. Cherish her memories and know she is looking down on
you and Kinsley. I love you and I am keeping yall in my prayers.

Judy Coffey
Name: Eugenia Robinson
Message: My condolence goes out to the family and if there is anything I can do let me know Iâ??m going to keep your my prayersð???ð??¼
Name: Michelle Slaughter
Message: Hey Chris this Michelle you got My condolences and my prayers go out to you an the family if you need anything let me know.
Name: Wayne and Regina Adcock
Message: We are so sorry for your lost.
Name: Darrell walls
Message: Just saw this John, so sorry to hear this..!!!