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Guestbook for Dr. C.C. Moreland

Friends & Relatives
Name: Shirley R Burton
Message: prayers for the family
Name: Bobby&Dianne Clegg
Message: We are so sorry to here Dr Moreland passed away. We know he has been sick for a long time. He will not be sick anymore. Kaye we love you and you are in our prayers.
Name: Dianne & Robert Pilcher
Message: Kaye,
Sending love and prayers to you and all your family. Loved seeing the video...all the smiling faces, such a beautiful family!
Name: Donna Darby Keith
Message: Great man! Will be missed!
Name: Florrie J . Smith Healey
Message: Dr Moreland
was in Loganville and played bridge with my Parents Mavis Brown Smith and Vernon W. Smith Jr. He was there when I was 3 and came to our home to treat all 4 kids with whatever we had. My parents allowed him to pierce my ears at 13. LOL He was the life of the games and everyone loved him. He was kind and a teacher of many life lessons as my husband Kenneth W. Healey, M.D.
learned spending a summer internship with him. He had a great summer. Go Dawgs CC, a good doctor in heaven.

Name: Seleatha Rivers
Message: Prayer and deepest condolences to the Moreland. I love you all. He was my favorite employerâ?¤
Name: Janet â??Davisâ?? Boswell
Message: This man saved my life when I had Rocky Mountain Spotty Tick Fever. He was our family Doctor and I am so Thankful that he was. Praying and Believing!
Name: Kitty Yarbrough
Message: Oh Kay, I will be out of town and hate that I wonâ??t be able to pay my respects to Dr. Moreland.
I know you took such good care of him and will miss him. Iâ??m only a phone call away.
I love you my sweet sweet friend��
Name: Maurice and Lelia Popp
Message: To the family of Carvi C. Moreland, you have our condolences on the loss of Carvin.
Name: Lois Carter
Message: Love and prayers for the family. He was such good doctor for my family for many years
Name: Michelle Allen Hughes and McKenzie Hughes
Message: We love you granddaddy
Name: Frank and Elizabeth Platt
Message: Theresa and Michelle you and your family have our condolences and our prayers! Be blessed and enjoy the memories!
Name: Ernestine Turk
Message: Praying.for doctor for.many years.good man.
Name: Steve Mobley
Message: My condolences to your family, Dr. C.C. Was a great family man , example, and doctor. Wonderful legacy tribute
Name: Wallace & Nancy Jordan
Message: So very sorry for your loss. You are in our prayer(That was a lovely video)
Name: Steve Mazurette
Message: Kaye, my prayers go out to you and your entire family. What an incredible man. I can see from the video and the comments here how much love there is for all of you.
Name: Rebecca Nan Smith
Message: I knew him growing up as a young nurse in Walton County Hospital, A great man. Nan Poss Smith
Name: Angie and Wayne Everett
Message: Dr. Moreland was a great man. We are truly sorry for the families loss.
Name: Jonathan Dayton
Message: My condolences
Name: Melanie Ann Jackson
Message: Dr. Moreland will always be a fond and loving memory for me. So sad, he will be missed and remembered always.
Name: Theresa Ann Moreland
Message: Dad, I miss you every day. The notes from others is so appreciated. They also knew of his compassion, knowledge of life and many other gifts, etc.
as his family did along with his unconditional love. My friends loved the Study were he spent hours with us solving the worlds problems. He treated my friends as if they were his own. Such a deep caring man. Our home was a open door for friends and family. Most of his sisters and Margaret Wenzel Sorrells (my chosen sister) lived with us at one time or another. It was a wonderful childhood. I strive to pass own this best of him.