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Guestbook for Terry Churchill

Friends & Relatives
Name: Kim and Brandon Harrison
Message: Sending all our love and prayers during this extremely difficult time.
Name: Tim and Sharie Rhea
Message: While we mourn his loss we celebrate a life well lived and appreciate being the beneficiaries of our crossing paths.
Message: I have so many fond memories of Terry in the USAFR. We went so many places together and he was always a pleasure to be with. Terry was the type of guy you could always depend on. No matter the task at hand, he could always get the job done. Terry was a team player. He understood that the strength of the unit was in the personnel. When Terry was a fireteam leader, I remember him working with the younger Airmen getting them ready for a deployment. Making sure they had the equipment they needed. Showing them how to pack a ruck.....

I miss Terry. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes at the passing of my brother in arms. I love Terry as a brother and I miss him.
Name: Renee Collins
Message: So sorry to hear about Terry Prayers for his family and friends.
Name: Bobby J Grier, MSgt., USAFR ,retired
Message: Terry was always a great Guy to be around, We had a lot of fun. We servers in the Air Force Reserve together. He will truly be missed.
Name: Rocky Epps
Message: Loved our conversations, you were a true friend. You will he missed by all. See you soon my friend.
Name: Johnny and Joyce Taylor
Message: We are so sorry to hear this.
Prayers for all family.ð???ð???ð???
Name: Walter Sheppard
Message: I serviced with Terry at Dobbins AFB as Terry Flight Chief til 1988. Sorry about the Family's loss. Terry was a good airmen serving with me.
Name: Brad Gifford
Message: So sorry for your loss. He seemed to be a fun loving, caring family man.
Name: Loretta Bankston
Message: Terry was a joy to work with. He was a hard worker, and yet always made time to make you laugh. Terry, you will be greatly missed...
Name: Jimmie D Williams
Message: My prayers are to keep the faith, be strong and continue to trust God. Terry Will definitely be missed from the 94th SFS family.
Name: Stacey Page/Cole Technology
Message: May God blanket your family in peace during this difficult time. I had the honor of knowing Terry through business for the last 10 years. He was always a joy to work with. He will be greatly missed. Lifting you all up in prayer.
Name: Bobby Doster
Message: Been knowing Terry and Bill all my life. They were both good kids and I never had a problem with either of them. Billy was closer my age and we played together as children. So sorry to hear about the dealth of Terry. He was so very young. May he rest in peace.
Name: Eric Jacquemard
Message: Terry a coworker and a friend. It was all time fun to be with him.
I will miss my big brother.
My prayers to the family.
Good bye Terry
Name: Felisa Osment
Message: My heart is just broken for you all. I had the honor to call on Terry in my profession for over 23 Years. Terry was always one of my favorite customers. Debbie, Brandon,Martha & Savannah-he loved yâ??all and truly was the light of his life. There was never a visit without him and I talking about our families. I just found out about Terry while out of town on vacation. Sending my prayers for you all.
Name: Glen Abbott
Message: Sorry to hear passing of Terry I didnâ??t hear about it until today
Enjoyed working with him
Name: Theresa Moreland
Message: He was a dear friend & Great neighbor. He will be greatly miss. My thoughts & prayers go out to the family. Let us know if we can help.
Name: Connie Doster
Message: Sorry to hear of Terry's death rest in peace on your birthday
Name: Emily Mapp Hunter
Message: Terry was my classmate and a kind hearted, loving person. To Terry's entire family please except my sincerest condolences. I will continue to keep you in prayer for peace and comfort.