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Friends & Relatives
Name: Randy Camp
Message: I was blessed to have many teachers during my school years in Monroe who were examples of what we should strive to become as adults. Mrs. Shields was my second grade teacher, and to this day I remember her as a kind and caring person who had a positive impact on my life. She will always be in my thoughts and prayers.
Name: Beth Patrick
Message: When I first started teaching at Monroe Primary, my classroom was next door to Myrtleâ??s. I remember her as a very kind and sweet person. Please know I am thinking about you as you celebrate your motherâ??s life.
Name: Chris Sherlock
Message: Some of my favorite memories of growing up were of the time my family spent as neighbors of the Shields family. No one was as kind or as sweet as Myrtle and I feel blessed to have had her as a part of my life. Even though I haven't seen Myrtle in years, I will miss her.
Name: Nelma Hamby
Message: A very young Mrs. Shields (around 26 years old) was my second grade teacher. I transferred to "town school" from the Union Chapel one-room school grades 1-5. I still remember how she made me feel so loved and accepted in her class. When I went through the lunch line for the first time, she showed no surprise but quietly came and helped me open the milk carton--as I had no idea what it was-- and told me she hoped I enjoyed my milk. I remember telling her that at home, we get the milk from the cow, the bucket, and then from the glass jar in the refrigerator. Her Christian values were always shining, and she instilled in me a love for school and education that has lasted my entire life. And now, I envision her laughing in heaven with many of her students from yester-years. She is truly a treasure! My prayers are with the family as you celebrate her life.