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Friends & Relatives
I met Ms. Sara several years ago. She was always very sweet. I know she will be missed. My condolences to her family.
Love in Christ
Name: Brenda Hawkins
Message: I'm so sorry for your loss. Remember all the good times you shared. Praying for you and the family.
Name: Gloria Farmer
Message: Sara Rowe is the most amazing lady I have ever met. She is strong as a horse and there's not a lazy bone in her body. I have been her Pastor for almost 12 years and I have so many beautiful memories.
Beside my house is a gardenia bush that she gave me a cutting of and now it is chest high on me. I will have beautiful memories every-time I smell one of those gardenia blooms..

When the Dr couldn't get me well from bronchitis , she taught me to make a mustard plaster which cured me right up.

Our property has lots of fire ants and I suffered with those horrible burning, itching red bumps on my feet and legs until...... Mama Rowe told me just put some tooth paste on them as soon as you have the ant bite.

I have a quilt and crocheted items in my house that will remind me of her every day.

I will miss visiting her. However the memories and the love will remain in my heart forever.